EasyChart pens and cell-binding

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been working with ignition for a while, and while I’ve gotten some good tips from the forum, I’ve never posted before. I’ll try to be clear on my problem.

We have a DB table that has measurement values for a variable number of channels, e.g.

In the table above there are 5 channels, but there can be more, so that the count goes up to the max number of channels and restarts from the first one.

The EasyChart I’ve set up has a pen configured for each channel (there is a maximum number of possible channels), so even if the channel doesn’t exist in the table there is a pen configured for its possible existence.
Up to now there are no problems, the EasyChart plots all the channels. The problem comes when I try binding the the NAME to the plotted pens. My current configuration uses the Cell Update–> Cell binding so that:
For Channel 0:
Row=0, Column=NAME, Value = Text object 0
For Channel 1:
Row=1, Column=NAME, Value = Text object 1
and so on…

“Text object 0” being a Text Field that is bound to an SQL query that retrieves the channel name from another table based on the channel number. This solution works to a certain extent…

The problem is that after the initial configuration and running a couple of times the Order of the configured pens changes. That is, instead of being:
Pen 0 when channel 0
Pen 1 when channel 1
Pen 2 when channel 2

It turns into something random like:
Pen 9 when channel 9
Pen 1 when channel 1
Pen 5 when channel 5

This results in the configured pens getting the wrong channel name. Put in other words, the cell binding dataset has a random pen order when the Cell bindings conserve the right order.

Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this? I tried using a script to sort the dataset but the function is not available in our version of Ignition(7.3.3). Also, if you can think of a better approach to solve this problem it would greatly appreciated…
Although I doubt I can do any changes to the DB, the whole thing is one big mess…

Hope you can help!

Hey again!

I think I found the problem…

It seems that on initial configuration there is no problem, if you do the whole thing correctly the first time the order of the dataset is always correct even if you add new bindings to the dataset. The problem happens when you add NEW pens after having set up the bindings. When adding new pens the order of the dataset takes the order of the pen configuration (which is not the order pens were added in).

Is this a bug? or is this normal behaviour? It becomes kind of annoying if you have to do everything from scratch if you forget something…

Could the moderators confirm this?



well one thing you can do is build the dataset in scripting, which would enable you to control how the tags are put in.

The Easy Chart doesn’t keep the same order when you add new pens in the customizer. I wouldn’t add any new pens in the customizer. You can simply press the dataset view button on the right property and there is a copy dataset to clipboard button. You can paste the results in a text editor. From there you can add new rows to the bottom, copy the whole thing and press the paste from clipboard button int he dataset viewer.


Thanks! that works!