EasyChart Property Change subplotGap Name

I'm trying to get a property change script to execute based on a changing value of the subplotGap in lieu of a custom property, since those are not available on Easy Chart components.

It would seem that the script never enters the if event.propertyName == subplotGap portion of the script for some reason.

print 'hi'
#subplotGap has changed - custom props are not available on Easy Chart
if event.propertyName == 'subplotGap':
	print 'hi2'

I've verified that I don't have any typos and using a button to update the Subplot Gap I can see it change in the Easy Chart property editor (in preview mode). I can see the 'hi' print in the console in preview mode. Why does 'hi2' not print? The property change script says all bindable properties should be available.

If a property cannot be bound as the source of a property binding, then it isn't the kind of property that fires propertyChange events.

Wrap your chart in a container and place your custom properties on the container.

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Ok, so for easy chart we're limited to these