EasyChart query error

Sometimes after the night I can see query running error on EasyChart.
It says that query start time is greater or equals to end time, but it is not true:


I believe this was caused by an issue in the tag history caching system, which was fixed in 7.4.3. If possible, try upgrading to that version (just go to Downloads>Archived Downloads, it’s a free update), and see if that helps the problem.


I’m getting the same error on an Easy Chart running in realtime. I am running version 7.5.1
The error popped up twice after clearing it and has not returned since.

Are you using manual mode on the easy chart? If so, what are the start and end date properties bound to?

The chart is in Realtime with no bindings to the Unit Count.

I’m fairly certain this has been fixed, but if it continues to be an issue, as a work around try turning off the Client Tag History Cache by going to Configuration>Properties>Client>General in the designer. Then let us know if that helps or not.