Easychart selectedXValue outside xtrace,mark modes

I am trying to create an annotation tool for easychart that allows users to ctrl click on a historical easychart in order to assign notes to temporal position.

Is easy to do in xtrace/mark modes as you can simply read selectedXValue.

I have however not been able to work out how to get the X value outside of these modes (I dont want to restrict annotation behaviour to just these modes). I have even tried switching to xtrace with setMode(4), but it displays X selection on screen but does not populate selectedXVlaue from the initiating click (you need to click again). I can also not find a corresponding getMode() to do a store, get value and restore.

Is there a way to do this?

As an aside is there full API documentation for the component methods anywhere? I have been resorting to dir(event.source) to work out what is available outside the standard objects exposed in the designer. I’m a newbie so am still working things out.

Sorry, there isn’t a good way to do this beyond what you’ve already figured out.

For what it’s worth, adding a built-in way to handle annotations is definitely on our list of things we intend to work on fairly soon.