Easychart selectedXValue

I know you have been busy with 7.3 and I am looking forward to all of the new features. I have one more for you.

We are using the easychart to look at historical data on new products. Our process engineer reviews this data and selects a stable part of the process to create reports. He clicks on the plot then clicks a report button.

In the button script I set the report date using the chart.selectedXValue. The problem is when there are subplots and he clicks a lower plot the selectedXValue is empty. Everything works fine if the top plot is clicked.

Can the selectedXValue be made to work regardless of which plot is clicked?

In the mean time I modified the script to check the value of selectedXValue preventing them from going to the report unless they click the top plot. I also have a message box instructing them to do so.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Yep - done for 7.3 beta2+