EasyChart Subplot Legends

I’m trying to add separate legends on top of each subplot instead of stacking them all together at the bottom or top. So far been out of luck, any help will be appreciated!

It won’t put each one by a subplot, but you can group pens together.

  • Each pen name needs to have a group name in front of it
  • Turn on the Group Pens property of the easy Chart

Thanks for the info Jordan.

I have them all grouped already before, but it just looks not as clear when you have multiple subplots. Especially when you need to scroll down to look at a subplot and then need to go back to look at the legend…

Was anything ever identified for this? I’d like to do the same thing.

To do this, you have to create a template with a easy chart.
Then use a template repeater that uses that template

It is a hard work because you should create parameters in the template to decode datasets for tag or db pens and strings and bunch more properties to achieve full functionality.