EasyChart Tag Pens Question

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I can’t understand how the TagPen inside the EasyChart component works on the client-side.
I’ve set up an EasyChart like this:

So, when the client starts, the chart is exactly like the one in the picture ( TC1 , TP1, TP6, TT1 are enabled )
If I enable/disable a pen ( or pens ), change the window, and then go back on this page, I see that the chart configuration changes back to the one in the picture.
Same story for the Last: X minutes. If I change the number to 15, another window, go back to this one, the number changes back to 10.

How can I make the changes the user makes permanent ( until the client is not closed and open again )?

Ignition 7.9.13

Cheers and thanks in advance,

What is the cache policy of your window?

It’s on Auto.
I think I can start to see the problem here…

Whatever option I set ( Auto , Always , Never ) on the Cache Policy the behavior is always the same.

Just in case, those are my chart properties:

Create a dataset client tag and bind that tagPens property to the client tag (bidirectionally). In the designer, clear all rows from that tag before saving the project, or with whatever pens you want on startup.


Thanks for the suggestion. The method you described is a method I’m already using in other projects.
The question here is that I’d like to know why this component ( EasyChart ) has this behavior?

It’s not unique to the easy chart. All component properties are serialized when saved in the designer, save only for query bindings that are not set to retain rows. The serialized content is restored when opening the window.

You can test this by adding a custom dataset property to any component, populating it and saving it. The content will be there every time that window opens.

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