Eaton XV HMI/PLC Connectivity

I have a project coming up that will require bringing an Eaton XV102 HMI/PLC online with ignition. Anyone have any experience with this PLC unit and Ignition? Reading the manual gives me no indication of Modbus TCP capability. I have not found any drivers for KEP, but I am having them explore this more. They claim they have an OPC server but I have not been able to find any documentation on this yet.

The manual mentions “XSoft-CoDeSys-2” software, which includes the “CoDeSys OPC-Server”, which it notes is an optional installation.

You’re right, not much info, but this is going to be your best bet for integrating it with Ignition.

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In case someone else ever wonders… After speaking with Eaton Tech support they let me know that yes, the processors can support Modbus TCP but additional PLC/HMI programming is necessary to make this possible. They do have a CoDeSys OPC server that can be set up on the PLC/HMI that would allow Ignition to browse tags that are set up on the server, however it requires additional work on the unit as well. His final suggestion was the KepWare CoDeSys Driver. Apparently there is no Eaton specific driver which is what I was originally looking for, instead, the soft plc that can be implemented on multiple hardware platforms has its own OPC driver.