Echo Emulation and Tag Browsing in Ignition Designer

We have a licensed version of Rockwell Echo Emulation software. Our Ignition server can connect to the emulated PLC. When I open the Ignition designer I can browse for the device but I cannot browse for any tags inside the emulated PLC. Am I missing something with Echo or does it not support browsing like it would if I had a physical PLC on the wall and I was connecting the Ignition server directly to the real PLC?

Echo is suporting browsing, i'm using it in version 2 with ignition 8.1.23 and it's working.

Are you sure that a program is dowloaded in echo. is there any tags

I found the issue. The PLC for the echo was in Slot 1 but PLC connection setting for the Ignition AB Logix driver was looking at Slot 0.