Edge 8.1.25 error

Hello everyone,

we have a problem on ignition edge 8.1.25.
every time we apply a script "with value change" we receive the following error.

Error compiling event script for event id 'valueChanged'.
java.lang.Exception: Scripting is not available for this platform edition.


Edge requires the compute add on license for scripting. I thought that was only gateway scripts, is this a value changed script at the gateway level or directly on a tag?

it doesn't matter whatever script we try to configure, either on gateway or directly on a tag

Directly on a tag is also gateway scope, and requires the compute plugin.

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which version and after is this changed?
on 8.1.1 it works without a problem.

On Edge? And not in trial mode?

{ Edge restrictions on gateway scripting go back to the very first versions of Edge. }

Yes on edge and not trial mode.

Then look at that installation's license for the compute plugin.

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