Edge Alarm Notification Email Custom Message Issue

The default text in Ignition Edge for an alarm email notification is like this:

At 10:59:11, alarm “Digital Alarm” at “Yard14/Acrylate/XA-P-14352-COM” transitioned to Active.

It seems like the message is hard-coded in Edge as:

‘At {eventTime|hh:mm:ss}, alarm “{name}” at “{displayPath}” transitioned to {eventState}.’

I tried to change the text using the Custom Message property under Email Notification Properties to this:

‘At {eventTime|hh:mm:ss}, alarm “{label}” transitioned to {eventState}. Priority={priority}. Alarm Path="{displayPath}"’

I get the expected result if the alarm is triggered by itself:

At 11:12:52:, alarm “P-14352 Modbus Comm Fault (XA-P-14352-COM)” transitioned to Active. Priority=Medium. Alarm Path=“Yard14/Acrylate/XA-P-14352-COM”

However, if two or more alarms trigger in a short period of time, the email then shows like this, back to the default message and doesn’t observe the Custom Message property:

Alarm “Digital Alarm” at “Yard14/Acrylate/XA-P-14356-COM” transitioned to Active at 11:12:14
Alarm “Digital Alarm” at “Yard14/Acrylate/XA-P-14352-COM” transitioned to Active at 11:12:15

Seeing that the {eventTime} is now at the end of the string, it seems like a different hard-coded string is being used for multiple grouped messages. Is this a bug or a feature?
Is there any way other than scripting the notification emails myself (if this is even possible with the limitations of Edge using a tag event script or similar) to have the Custom Message property also apply to email notifications with more than one alarm?
The reason I am trying to change the email string is that the customer finds the {label} more informational and descriptive than the {displayPath} and non-dynamic {name}.

Thanks in advance to the folks at ignition and the other contributors, the forums are filled with so much helpful and detailed information, couldn’t find anything on this one though.