Edge - Automated Project Back Ups

Ignition Edge running on linux.

I want to create an automated project backup. From what I have found, based on some older forum posts, the way to do it is with a cron job.

My question is, do I need to backup the entire Projects directory or can I just backup the individual project sub-directory?

For example:


It's even easier than that. Under Config -> System-> Scheduled Backup Settings.

You just have to tell it where to put the backups, set up your schedule or leave it at default, and how many backups you want it to keep.


Thank you, However, I think this just covers an automatic gateway backup. Which I have set up. What I am trying to do is perform and automated backup of only the project. The manual only mentions manual backups.

It's odd as the manual looks to be referencing either an earlier version of Ignition or the version I'm using doesn't have the same features that are being shown in the video, For example:

The video and manual reference the ability to export from a pulldown menu next to each project. The version I have has this:

I'm not quite clear on what I'm backing up here because it looks like I'm getting ALL projects, not just one specific project.

I could do a manual export of a specific project from the Designer here:

But, how would I automate this?

A gateway backup is all projects, plus all non-project resources.

Edge only allows a single project, so a gateway backup is usually what you want.

Project exports do not include many things, like tags and devices. Those only are collected into a gateway backup.

Collecting just a project backup is almost always the wrong thing to do.


Got it. I was hoping to do both. The gateway would be all encompasing but in the event that I made some major mistakes in a project then I would only have to reload the project backup and not the entire gateway backup.

Going with just a Gateway backup makes sense for my Edge servers but should I consider individual project backups on my enterprise system?

You can always extract projects from a gateway backup.
It's just a zip file.

You can also use Kindling, if you want a slightly more custom experience :slight_smile:


Got it. That's what I'm looking for. I opened the Gateway Backup file and the project folder is in there.

What I want is a way of capturing incremental project backups while a project is in development and not just relying on the manual backups as those don't always get done before undertaking a major change. I'll just increase my gateway backup freaquency and write a cron job to move the backups files to the network file server every nite. I'll keep a local buffer of the 5 most recent backups.

Thank you!