Edge Compute - Discussion

I have a few questions regarding scripting and edge gateways.

I understand that gateway scripting would require the Edge Compute module, but what scripting is included under "Gateway Scripting?" Of course component event scripts are not gateway scripts, but what about the global project scripts?

For instance, I have common scripts in the project library that are used on various components throughout the project. Would these run without Edge Compute?

I also have an expression tag that calls runScript() to fill in a dataset (table). Will this require the Edge Compute module?

Since scripting is so core to the "native" Ignition experience it's very surprising that scripting would be limited in any way on an edge panel.

I'm thinking the project script library is client-scope scripting, correct?

Project scripts are a library. There's no limitations on them, because the limitations are on where you call a script from. So, in general, without Edge Compute, you don't get to run scripts called from the gateway without user interaction. So Perspective is allowed to run scripts, but only within the session; gateway timer scripts or scheduled scripts, for instance, won't work. Expression tags, similarly, are not allowed to run scripts.

Thanks for the clarification on that; makes sense.

I'll have to look back at my script and see if it will work to call it from the popup when it's opened on the Edge panel, rather than using an expression tag and updating periodically.