Edge Expression Tag Script

I recently moved one of my projects to Edge (8.1.4),

Expression tags scripts containing runScript(…) function all fail with a value reading: Error_ExpressionEval.

These are all tested and previously used scripts.

“Gateway Scripting Project” is properly set to the project name (I use all default Edge).

No error is logged.

Any help please?

Do you have an active license with the “Edge Compute” plugin?

It is installed and running under trial for now,
Not sure if that is sufficient to have that plug-in active, or, should I do something else?
Because scripts, in general, are fine outside the scope of the tag.

RE: " Gateway scoped scripting … scripts that execute on a Tag … or scripts called by [runScript] on a tag/alarm property, are unlocked when the Compute plugin is applied."

Hmm, I didn’t think any gateway-scoped scripts should work unless a license with the compute plugin is activated.

Not even in 2 hours trial?

No, the idea was that we didn’t want functionality that was available during a trial period to suddenly disappear once a license was applied.

Thanks, I will see if I can make it work with a license.

I am trying to understand, if I do NOT have compute, what exactly do I get, in term of scripting,

The documentation says " The plugin allows access to Python scripting", what does this exactly mean, if I do not have compute, I do not get any scripting functionality? or still I get project scope scripting?

Also, just out of curiosity, I have difficulty to comprehend the logic here, isn’t it the same concept as anything else? e.g. a Modbus driver will work under trial, and will not after that, except if it’s licensed.

Gateway scope scripting can be used to subvert other Edge platform restrictions, so it was deliberately cut from the early Edge kit. Added as an option by popular demand.

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It will continue to work on a resettable 2 hour trial. Aside from that, it should be exceedingly obvious that a module you don’t pay for won’t work. Scripting and other things enabled by the plugins are far less obvious.

It’s not a perfect setup. I think we’re talking about making the plugins function during trial like everything else.

Thanks, indeed modbus was an example of something that makes sense, and the expectation was the same for the compute plug-in. Glad to hear you would make them act similarly.

Again, would you please elaborate, if I do NOT have compute, do I still get the project scope scripting?
(This sentence from docs is confusing: “The plugin allows access to Python scripting.”)

I you don’t have a compute license, you should still be able to do most scripting in the Vision client or Perspective, but not the gateway. As Kevin mentioned, we are planning to make gateway scripting work in trial mode too, but we haven’t gotten to that ticket yet and I don’t have a timeframe for when we will.

runScript() is a little odd without Compute. Even though we classify it as a gateway script, we do let you use it in Perspective since 8.1.1 but not anywhere else.

And of course, you won’t be able to use any of the system.db.* scripts anywhere in Edge, no matter what module(s) you have licensed.

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Thank you @KathyApplebaum,