Edge for stand alone HMI suggestions. Hardware&setup


I am retrofitting a panel. Basically need to add in my own screen and plc. Only thing is they need to be able to audit user actions:

And the regular run of the mill HMIs don’t really do that. So I was thinking to use Edge as a standalone.

What would be a easy ready to go edge screen I can pop into the panel?
How would connecting to the plc go? Would I have to setup an isolated network in the panel? Ethernet or serial to the screen?

Hi @andrews,

Did you check the ignition on board program.

There you can find panel pc with preloaded edge.

What the type of plc you need to connect to ?

Be aware that edge have only -+1week of logging available


I haven’t, but I am checking it out. And really whatever is easiest.

@De_Clerck_Arnaud , would I be able to save the audit log essentially to a database?

From the manual:

Database access is disabled. This means that any database queries or bindings will not work, and the user sources that require a database connection will not be available. The Status and Configure pages of the Gateway Webpage have been updated to remove these features and reduce confusion. Despite this restriction, some "historical" storage can happen inside of Ignition.

@andrews the only way to save more than one week data is to synchronize edge with a full gateway.
The only database available with edge is the internal one.

@De_Clerck_Arnaud thanks for the info.