Edge Gateway - Configuring Sync Services


I am configuring two gateways, one with Edge, and the other with the "normal" version of Ignition. The last one is going to work as the main server of my project.
I have already configured the synchronization between gateways, and I have the tags with historian working just fine.

My question is, when I lose the connection between gateways, the sync allows me to receive the historical data of the Edge in the main gateway. Where is that data stored and where can I access it?

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What do you mean?

The tag data is in the Edge Historian, and stays there for 35 days. Data held during a connection loss will be forwarded when the GAN connection is restored. Sync Services keeps track of where it is in the backlog, if any. Is info on the backlog what you are looking for? (It would obviously not be on the master server.)

Maybe I did not made myself clear.

The Edge gateway will be retrieving data from the field and communicating with the master server. If the connection between gateways stops, and the edge gateway keeps collecting data how do I get that data (from the time when the connection was down) on the master server?

Your edge device will store the historical data for 35 days.

When they reconnect, the edge device will start pushing this stored data to your "main" ignition automatically

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Ok, but in the meantime when the connection between gateways is down, can I still look at old data in the "main" ignition?

Also, I should have done something wrong because the data doesn’t appear to be the same on this charts…

This is the data on the edge

And this is the data on the "main"

Of course, if it is saving into your main ignition database, you can view it like any
other tag historical data.

From your screenshots, it looks like you're missing quite a lot of data, I would check to see if your edge sync is correctly configured, and your security setting on the main ignition are allowing data to be stored.

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