Edge Gateway Connection to Ignition Gateway

To keep terms consistent:
Edge = Edge Gateway
Ignition Gateway = Full license copy of Ignition

I know throughout the forums there has been a lot of talk about Edge not being able to have db access and run queries. I get that. However, It does have a default historian "Edge Historian" that has Store and Forward capabilities. That should be able to be sent to the Ignition Gateway for sql scriptin to be done there correct? Can I return my sql results to Edge Historian?

Right now on the Ignition Gateway Config > Network > Gateway Network Settings > Incoming Connections I have Approved an Outgoing Connection from Edge.

Also setup on the Ignition Gateway in Config > Tags > History I have set up a "Remote History Provider" that is looking at Edge Historian. This as far as I can tell can only have a Status of "Read-only" When I Edit and Allow Storage it will automatically fault so I do not believe it can write to the Historian.

Currently what works:
As an Example, I have a Gateway script based on a 'change value' event based on a tag in Edge on my Ignition Gateway, then I disconnect my Ignition Gateway, then I change values on tags on the Edge side of things, Once my Ignition Gateway is booted back up I have a table to see all of the historical values from Edge. This Works and I get the records from even when I was offline.

What Doesn't work:
The Gateway script will only fire when back online because it only observes the last change happen. Once I come back online I will update 1 time instead of 5. Is there a way to access the other 4 points of historical data in this example or trigger the event 4 times now that the system is back up?

Edge has a Data sync tab does anything in this have to be enabled? By what I am seeing this is only for if Edge is accessing data from another gateway.

Not from a script, no. And id doesn't matter if the remote tag is edge or full. The missed values go to directly to storage.