Edge Gateway - Export Tag History?

I’ve got a licensed version of Edge Sync deployed - it was originally meant to sync up data to a central Ignition gateway, but the latter hasn’t been setup yet. In the meantime, is there a way (easy or otherwise) for me to export tag history to a .csv without purchasing an Edge Compute license? Edge Sync doesn’t let me run scripts based on Gateway events. I would ideally like a script to run every 6 hours to export all the polled data - but seem to be hitting a dead end with what I’m trying. (Novice-Intermediate here, sorry!)

So, you are asking how to get around the license restrictions?


Ah well, I’ll work on setting up the central gateway then. Thank you!

Other than paying for a license you could try to write a bash script, if on Linux, or similar to export the SQlite database Edge stores data in.

But I would just buy the license, this is very easy to do with the Licensed module

It is not safe to access the SQLite database externally while Edge (or anything else) has it open.

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Does the "save" function on the EasyChart require the Edge Compute license as well? Seems like the Compute license enables gateway scripts but I wonder if the EasyChart save button utilizes some internal script or if its a built-in function.

The EasyChart is a Vision Component in a client window. Edge allows Vision Client scripting without the Compute Plugin. That plugin controls gateway scripts.