(Edge Gateway) opcua -> Devices Unable to add new connection

Good Afternoon,

I’m attempting to add another Allen-Bradley Logix Driver to my edge gateway, however for some reason in the gateway config the option to add a new connection has been removed. I was able to add and connect to CompactLogix03, but as soon as I did the “Create new Device…” option disappeared.

Some additional info: The operator on site is going to be swapping out the PLC, as the one on site is acting up a bit. Is perhaps the option removed having to do with that somehow?

I’m pretty sure that Edge is limited on the number of devices it allows. (Or was… I don’t keep up with Edge.)

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I think Phil’s got it; you can only have 2 devices configured at a time on Edge.

Thanks, Phil. That was indeed the case here. The license we were using was a “Limited” edition instead of a “Standard” edition, and as a result we were limited to 2 OPC Device Connections. I’ve swapped licenses with another gateway that didn’t need as many OPC Device Connections and all seems to be well now.