Edge gateway remote historical data storage fail

Hello all,

I have some issues setting up my Edge historical datalogging to a remote location.

I have Ignition Edge Sync Services (and EAM although I think I do not need it) installed on my edge device and have Tag historian installed on my main Gateway. My Edge environment is working fine, and it is storing historical data to it’s internal DB (Buffer). I can create a powerchart and view my past data. I have the gateway network properly configured, and I can access the Edge tagprovider from my main Gateway.

However, no matter what I try, I cannot get the Edge data to store into my main Database (None of them). I think datasync is properly configured on my Edge device, otherwise I could not access the data from the Edge device on the main Gateway.

When I configure my remote historical tag provider, it works fine as long as “Allow storage” is not checked.

But when I check “Allow storage” it faults

This is my first time configuring the remote historical tag provider, and clearly I’m missing a few steps.

Thoughts anyone?

I’ll post the answer to my issue here in case someone is stranded as well.

I did not modify the Default Security Zone on the Central Gateway to allow for remote storage, History Provider Access should be set to Query and Storage for the Default Security Zone (When using default)


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did you ever figure this out?

I changed the security services to query and storage and still having same error.

@jarno.vandenberg can you please confirm if it all worked in the end using the steps provided? i did follow them and still not working