Edge Historian Trending

Currently designing a couple systems for a customer on my development machine.
Using Ignition Edge 7.9.13 on Win10.

Working on my trending screen and I have things getting pretty close to where I want them.
Thanks to the posts for the onTagsDropped on the Easy Chart, I have nice meaningful names from my udt tags.

Now I have 2 last items I’m trying to see if I can get worked out.

Item 1:
Currently, in my Tag Browse Tree, I have many folders and tags that don’t exist in the system. Some look to be copies of existing ones with " 1" added to the end, and some of them are from another project that I was developing on this machine. I did a full gateway restore when I switched back to this project.
Is there someway to clean up this data? Or completely clear all history? This is just my dev machine so I’m not worried about saving any of the history.

Here is a screen shot. I should only have the 4 highlighted folders in my tag list in the tree.

Item 2:
Is there any control on simplifying the look of the Tag Browse Tree?
I did turn off ‘Show Root Node’, but it’s really pointless on Edge to show the top 2 rows (Edge Historian, edge) as they give no value and just eat of screen space.
I only have a total of 14 points that are being saved to history. Best scenario would be just a list of the 14 points. Next best would be to loose a level of folders, or be able to customize the name that is shown for them. (I can’t change any of the actual folder or tag names.)
All points are from instances of my analog input UDT with a tag name of ‘val’, so I really don’t need to see the ‘val’ on the screen.
I’ve tried a couple other components, but the Tag Browse Tree seems to be the only one that will allow drag & drop.

Thanks for the Help

For item 1, I’m guessing clearing out the DB would remove the old tags–I haven’t tested this though.

If you can put all the folders you want to display into one parent folder, set that root node path to the tag path to that folder (right click on folder and copy tag path in tag browser) and the Tag Browse Tree component will then only show what is under the node you set here:

EDIT: The above works for realtime tags. For historical tags, you can get the root node path to a folder by selecting a tag in the folder you want to display at the top level in the tag browse tree in preview mode and then looking at the selected paths dataset in the properties to get the path.

If I set the root node path in the properties to the selected path in the dataset editor, “a4blend” becomes the top level in the Tag Browse Tree.

Thanks witman,

Item 1:
Yeah, I’m thinking about trying to just delete the following file. (actually move to temp spot, in case it breaks)
C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\edge_data\edge_historian.idb

Item 2:
Unfortunately changes to the file structure aren’t really possible. That would break a lot of other stuff…
But with what you suggested, I was able to put ‘[Edge Historian/edge]’ in the Root Node Path and at least remove the top two lines.

  1. That sounds like the right file to delete. Backup is always a good idea, but I’m pretty sure it will recreate it.
  2. You could make copies of the tags just for history all in one folder and then show just them in the tag browse tree like you originally suggested would be ideal. This would also allow customizing the naming to whatever you’d like (as you wouldn’t be renaming the original tags used elsewhere). If you’re not using history on the original tags for integrations with alarm status table or other things, you could turn history off on them so you’re not doubling up on historical data.
  1. Deleting that file did the trick… (and didn’t break anything.)

  2. I had thought about making copies in a different folder, but I also have a sparkline on my AIn faceplate that is tied to the historian with indirection.

Well, thanks to your help, things do look better. At at least I can expand everything and it fits without having to scroll.

Thanks again for the help

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Well, had my software review with the customer, and they didn’t like the busy look of all the folders of the Tag Browse Tree. So, with some scripting magic, I came up with a better / cleaner way to do it.
Pressing the “Set” buttons will change the Chart to only show the items underneath it.
Pressing the “+” buttons will add the pen to the existing dataset (after it checks that it doesn’t already exist.

Old screen:

New Screen:

On an upcoming project they would like to see a way to save custom views that can be save-able during runtime. I should be able to achieve this with some more scripting.

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