Edge history doesn't write in master history/database

Hello !

I have a touchpanel with ignition edge and an OPC connection on it. The touch is connected to a PC master, where there is a database and Ignition. The edge is an agent of the master (EAM).
I am in 7.9.17.
All the connections are okay (opc, db …) and I can see the values of the tags from the edge on the designer and vision client of the master.
My edge is declared as a realtime tag provider on the master ignition. In Tags → Realtime → History Settings the history access mode is “Database” with the appropriate parameters under it.

I have an easy chart to draw tag history. But the curve doesn’t draw unless I change the history access from Database to GatewayNetwork.
In the database, the sqlth, tables created themselves. But there is no data from my edge.

I think I gave all the accesses to the db, or the history provider etc… I don’t know where it can come from.

I’m sorry if it’s not very clear do not hesitate to ask me details if you have an idea.

Thanks a lot