Edge on ARM issues

Still testing on beta1. I apologize if this was corrected on RC1

  1. Easy chart does not seem to be working. After setting up history on a tag and dropping the tag on the chart, the chart does not show data. Makes me wonder if Edge Historian is working.

2 If you set up history on a tag and it is in the MQTT transfer area (i.e. under Edge Nodes) the history request is transferred to the MQTT Engine on the remote Ignition Server. This should not happen, my history requirements are different between the Edge and the Server.

I’ve used the Easy Chart quite a bit to test Edge historian reads, so I’d be very surprised if it’s not working in the RC. Are there any relevant errors in the logs you can forward?

I don’t deal with MQTT, so I can’t help you there. Support can help figure out if that’s an Inductive Automation issue or a Cirrus Link issue. :neutral_face:

There have been several fixes to the Edge historian since the beta, which are making their way thru QA right now. I would hold tight and wait for the next RC release.

Is this solved?

I have same problem with MQTT tags not showing in chart on Raspberry PI with Ignition Edge 7.9.5.
It is the same for realtime and historical chart.