Edge OPC Read Function

Hi guys i have a edge server communicating to my main gateway and can read tags great. However one function I would like to use doesn’t seem to be performing as I expected, I am looking to use the system.opc.read function to get return one off reads off specific parameters from a DCOM connection. Since the connection exists on the Edge server, is there any reason I can’t perform that function from the main gateway?

If the OPC COM connection exists on the Edge gateway then system.opc functions targeting that connection will only work when run on the Edge gateway. They do not get magically proxied or relayed from the main gateway to the Edge gateway.

Hi Kevin thanks for the quick response and that does make sense as you explain it but perhaps the attitude could be magically be toned down. Apologies for my novice learning!

Sorry about that, didn’t mean to communicate any attitude.

That’s all good, sorry! Sometimes the written word can be a bit funny, I really do appreciate your helpful (as ever) and super quick response.