Edge OPC UA Omron FINS/TCP connection, tag scan class not reflecting, slow update

Hi All, I’m using Edge 8.0.16 with Omron FINS/TCP driver, with about 3000 tags. In the project properties, the client poll rate is set at 250ms. The edge gateway hmi has 8gb RAM and i have changed to wrapper.java.maxmemory=4096 in the ignition.conf file.

  1. I am reading several constant changing analog values with direct scan class of 1000ms, but it takes more than 2/3 seconds to be updated in the tag browser/client. I have tried setting the scan class to be 500ms, 200ms, but seems no difference, the read delay is still there, for all analog and boolean tags.

  2. The system is connected to a mqtt server and the server is constantly sending current time (dateformat is ‘ss’) to a OPC tag in the edge gateway. The tag value displayed jumps from 2-4-6… etc, but in the plc, the number is updating steadily 1-2-3-4-5… etc

  3. There is no delay in the tag write. Command sent from hmi reflects in plc immediately.

Right now i am stuck as i am unsure how should i go about troubleshooting it. Tried playing with scan class, but i cant see any effect.
Is the issue with the HMI? Omron PLC unable to handle? Wrong configurations made in ignition?

Could someone kindly advise? Many thanks in advance!