Edge OPC UA Remote Client

I am wondering, is t possible to connect remote clients to the OPC UA server on an Edge server? (I can connect with local clients).
Server configuration has bind address hidden, which I assume the answer is No, or not? Thanks!

Only with the “IIoT Plugin” active on your license.

Thanks, that makes sense.

Now I’m wondering, what else is unlocked when having that Plug-in? does it include anything mqtt ?

Ignition Edge IIoT turns any device into an edge gateway that publishes data to an MQTT broker. (IIoT was formerly Edge MQTT.) The plugin allows access to the MQTT Transmission, Opto22 SNAP PAC driver, the Emerson ROC driver modules, and the ABB Totalflow driver (manual installation required). In addition, Ignition Edge IIoT exposes Edge’s OPC UA server to external OPC UA clients.

from here: Ignition Edge - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

I always have to look this stuff up, Edge functionality is difficult to remember.

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Thank you for patience and understanding, I can assure you that I’d read that, at least, a dozen times : )