Edge Panel With Onboard IO

I’m looking at purchasing one of the Ignition Onboard Panel PCs either from Advantech on onLogic. The onLogic panel PC has onboard DIO 8xDI and 8xDO. Does anyone know how Ignition can access and manipulate those IO points? The Advantech is listed as working with iDOOR modules. I’m looking to build a very basic screen that logs the amount of water taken by our truck drivers. They will pull up to site, put in a unique code and begin loading. After the load completes the Edge Panel will write a load log entry to a central mySQL database. The edge panel will allow me to store and forward in case of bad communication over our cell modems.

If I can access onboard IO I will not need to purchase a PLC or RTU to open/close the valve for loading.

Looking at https://www.onlogic.com/ign300/, for instance, there’s a link to a ‘DIO driver with example’: https://cdn.onlogic.com/pub/media/resources/drivers/cincoze_dio.zip
The driver + example is just a DLL plus some example files. It doesn’t look like there’s any direct support inside Ignition (which would require a custom module to make first-class), but it would still be possible to interact with the DIO using this example. If you’re using a Linux host, it looks like you can just compile the samples and make a rudimentary command line application to interact with the DIO. With no other changes, you could probably interact with that from Ignition via system.util.execute.
To get a lot more advanced, you could write a module that uses JNI to directly call the functions in the foreign library.

I wouldn’t say there’s a turn-key, minimal engineering required solution, however.

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