Edge problem with default provider

I’ve spent a fair amount of time converting a 7.8 project to Edge and end up with this error message when the project tries to write to a tag:

Error writing “True” to tag
Error_Configuration(Tag Provider ‘default’ not found)

I have fixed all the other things like OPC-UA
and I have done searches everywhere to reference to ‘default’ and can not find it.
There is not a “tag provider” choice where one would expect in the General section of the project properties.

If I change the gateway setting for provider name from ‘edge’ to default, all my tags break. I’m looking for an easier way to fix the issue without having to run the conversion gauntlet again.

Hmm. Might be fixable with surgery on the internal database. You’d have to call support for that. Otherwise you’ll probably have to reconvert–but rename your tag provider to ‘edge’ and set your project properties to match before converting.

It might be something like the wrong default provider set in the project’s general settings, but since the designer is in Edge mode, you can’t see the setting. I agree with Phil. IA support will likely be able to fix it fairly easily, and I would definitely try that route rather than going thru the effort of conversion again.

Did you ever get a solution to this? I'm having the same problem. Ignition system converted to Edge, and getting errors "unknown provider:[default]"

I have multiple edge projects created, no issue. But somehow, this new project is having the same issue.

When opening the designer, the tag provider is not "Edge" but looking for "default" tag provider which does not exist in Edge.

Where can i make the same?