Edge Project Import

I have a project on an existing full Ignition install that I need to run on an Edge gateway.

I've exported the project.
How do I import it into the Edge gateway? Or, do I need to use EAM with the Edge as an Agent to push the project out?

You can import the project within the designer on Edge.

I would modify an edge backup to restoring into a dev environment as standard Ignition (setting in ignition.conf). Do your adjustments, and then make a new backup tweaked to load into Edge. (One and only one project.)

Meh. What Paul said.

I just did a project this way, but made a mistake using a project from a server. not an edge project.
Now every time when the designer starts up, it gives an error message, said default tag provide does not exist. Even after I use find and replace all [default] to [edge], the designer still giving the same error.
Why does Ignition Designer try to use default tag provider all the time?

I'm experiencing this as well. The tag browser loads in and automatically looks for the "edge" provider, which no longer exists because I renamed it.