Edge Project Settings - No Default Tag Provider

Seems like a pretty massive oversight to not be able to set the default tag provider in the project overview.

Even though there's only one tag provider on an edge gateway, it would be extremely nice to be able to access tags without specifying the provider or by using "[~]" and letting the default take over. Or, am I missing something?

I have one project that I want to run on multiple Edge gateways. Each has a differently named tag provider, but with some common tags. Would be nice to be able to use the default to read the common tags from whatever provider may be the default.

I think we have an open ticket for this...

You're talking about being able to set it here?

Correct. Like I said, it would make it pretty easy to use common tags like this across multiple tag providers.

Instead, I have to resort to making one tag that is specific to each provider and try to read them all to determine which provider I am using.

Yeah, there's a ticket.

The project and provider used to be immutable in Edge. That changed, but not cohesively, and other parts are still catching up.

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