Edge Server communication settings for intermittent network link

I have a wireless network link that I have two edge servers talking to my full ignition server. Under normal operation that link drops out for minutes at a time, and since the data doesn’t NEED to be updated that quickly, and the edge server buffers historical data, I want to figure out the best settings to prevent that link from faulting during these momentary outages.

I talked to support and they suggested increasing number of pings to timeout, and I changed from 30 to 60, which you would think would work, but doesn’t seem to make a difference. Have any of you guys used edge servers over sketchy connections and figured out how to best extend timeouts.

Ideally, I really only want it to fault if the connection is down for say 10 minutes. Of course I can extend alarm delays, but faulting creates the quality overlay for brief faults, and I really only want it to show that quality overlay in the >10 minute scenario (unrecoverable fault).

I would say that what tech support is probably the best answer you are honestly going to get without moving to a system like maybe MQTT? I guess it would depend on your whole network and how much data you are moving. We use MQTT for all our remote sites because it can handle store and forward for a few days easily.

It’s a little unclear but doesn’t Edge use MQTT under the hood when it communicates to the Central Ignition gateway?

No, MQTT is only in play when you are using MQTT modules from Cirrus Link.

Gateway Network connections are not MQTT-based.