Edge sync failed Notification or Alarm

We have setup at site 2 Edge devices installed Version 8.1.4 (Windows 10) and Ignition Central server Version 8.1.4 (windows Server).

Few days back we noticed that the Edge syncing with Ignition server stopped and not data logging (Tag history) took place. Hence we took help of IA support and upgraded both edge and central server to 8.1.13.

As Safer side we would like to have a alarm when Edge sync is stop due to any of the reason.

Is there any way to configure a alarm to verify that the Edge sync is working?

Thank you in advance!

One approach to this connection alarming would be to add logic on the Central Gateway for when the database stops receiving expected Edge Tag History.

For example, if we set a DateTime tag on the Edge Gateway to record history every second - we can run a check on the Central Gateway to ensure the value for that tag is incrementing with time as expected. Every 30 seconds the Central Gateway could query the most recent history value for that tag and if that value exceeds X amount of difference: that indicates the history isn’t going through.

Hello Kvane,

Thank you for the approach and explain it.

We believe that we can work and implement this. We will let you know if we have question.