Edge Sync Services

My edge gateway is running with an Edge Sync License, all good.
There is a main gateway running, connected to a historian collecting the edge gateway tags and serving perspective sessions. This is peachy.

Should the Storage Provider for the tags that are running at the edge point to the edge historian or to the historian that is defined at the main gateway?

When I had them set to the main historian, none of the trend charts showed data. When I changed the tags to log to the Edge Historian, the trends all populated. The trends themselves, they are pointed to the main DB.

So it seems like working configuration is to have the tags at the edge log to their historian, the views populate from the main historian, and the sync services does that transfer. But I want to make sure that that is correct.

I think this is the proper way, according to this, "The Edge Gateway will still only see the one week of data that it can hold internally", edge sync allows you to store past that one week limit on a standard ignition gateway. I think by setting the storage provider to the historian on the main gateway you are trying to bypass edge sync, which I don't think you can do on Ignition Edge :man_shrugging:.

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