Edge Sync Status

Is there a way to get the status of Edge Sync, either through scripting or system tags?

I have an Edge gateway which is syncing tag history and audit trails back to a primary gateway. I'm trying to add something to a Vision screen that can notify the user if there is data that hasn't been synced. I'm using [System]Gateway/Gateway Network//IsAvailable to show a connection status, but it would be nice to have a sync status too. I'm not too picky on what is shown, off the top of my head I would like either a number of records pending sync or just a boolean of sync is current. I looked through the StoreAndForward tags, but none of them seems to update when there is data waiting on sync.

The problem I'm trying to solve is the system being run when the gateway connection is down, and the users don't realize that the sync didn't happen.

Hello Brian_Seater,
No, we do not have a system tag or scripting function that tracks the Edge Sync Services. I'd suggest making a Feature Request to see if it can be added.

Taking a quick look. I found a few submissions who were requesting the same type of feature