Edge - Unable to historicize in remote Ignition Central

I am trying to set an Ignition Edge to Historicize on an Ignition Central.
In my company we have done this on other occasions without problems, but in this case I have not succeeded.

In Ingition Central (Gateway Name: Rotonda-Scada, version: 8.1.21) I have configured:

On Ignition Edge (Gateway Name: Ignition-campanario-1, version: 8.1.17, with Edge Sync Services Licensed):

So, in Ignition Central I can see and edit the Edge tags. I have created a tag and enabled historization:

But the tag is not registered:


The only difference between another Edge that does historicize and this new Edge is that the Edge that works correctly has this service:

But I don't know how to install that service

Best Regards.