Edge V8.1.6 Numeric text field not updated, but tag browser's side is updated

Hi All
Im using edge v8.1.6. Connected to OMRON PLC through OPC UA module.
I have various numeric text field, value(float) linked to analog tags.
When used through HMI, on the first attempt, the new value is written to the tag(updated in tag browser), but on the screen, it is not reflected. On the second attempt, then only the value will be updated on the screen. (This happens most of the time, but there are also few cases whereby on the first attempt, the value is reflected on the screen)
Have also tried to navigate to other screens after first attempt, and after returning back to the screen, the values are reflected on the screen.

I am thinking it is some sort of properties settings, but im not quite sure which one to check on, could someone kindly advise?

Regarding 8.1.6, this version was recalled with this advisory: Critical UDT Import Issue in 8.1.6 – Inductive Automation Help Center

I suggest you upgrade from this version to avoid losing UDT override configuration

Hi nminchin!

Thank you for replying!
I just realised the version is 8.1.7, not 8.1.6, sorry for the confusion.

Hence i dont think that 8.1.6 issue is affecting the numeric text field issue