Edge Vision Client Screen Locks Up

Can anyone suggest what to look at in my ignition edge Vision project for making the screen lock up when a button runs a script to write to tags?

It's a start button, all the script does is write True to pump start OPC tag and False to pump stop.

And after that for about 10+ seconds nothing is clickable on the screen, write to other tags, screen navigation, etc., but the tags in screen update.

Any suggestions on what exactly to look at?

What scripting function are you using to write to the tag?


Ok, so this function blocks until a write result is available. With an OPC tag this means it blocks until a response from the server is received.

If you're using Ignition's server and drivers, check the status for this device in the Ignition Gateway and see if it's overloaded.

Your UI freezes because you are executing this on the UI thread (action performed on a button), and if you block the UI thread the whole UI freezes.

Overloaded, what do you mean exactly? What would I look for in the gateway?

It's a Siemens S7-1200 OPC connection.

Is there another way to write to the tags so there's not a chance it locks up the screen?

You can use the writeAsync version of the call.

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