Edit cell on Power table

Hi, I manually create a dataset to my power table, now I try to edit the content but it doesn’t change, with the old table component I can do it easily.

Hi there,

Did you make the column editable in the Table Customizer and implement the “onCellEdited” extension function that exists on the table?


Hi nmudge, I make the column editable and enabled the “onCellEdited” extension function but I don’t know how to configure this function to store the changes that I made to the cell.

Uncomment the code that exists in the onCellEdited extension function.

I did that too, still not working, the code I uncommented is this:

import system
self.data = system.dataset.setValue(self.data, rowIndex, colIndex, newValue)

Okay, can you export the window and upload it to this thread? Then I can take a look.

here is the .proj is just a window with a power table.

Window (2015-07-24) (2).proj (7.48 KB)

Your code is outside the onCellEdited extension function. Add one tab indentation to the code.

Mmmm, that was so easy, thanks nmudge.

I just found this post and was having some problem getting the cell to update. Thanks for the information!