Edit gateway backup and restore?


Have anyone tried to edit a gateway backup file and then restore from it?

We are thinking of testing it to replace template instances with a new version where the number of instances are really high and thus a long and tedius task to do in the designer.

If it’s possible editing a gateway backup file and restoring from it would open up a ton of possibilities for us for editing and autogenerating stuff that would take too long in the designer.

Love to hear if anyone have had succes with this and maybe some tips :wink:


in perspective its quite easy to edit the json files

in vision no idea

which are you using?

Our main project is all the way back from 2016 where only vision existed so thats where it all is.
We have nothing in perspective yet.

You certainly don’t need to backup and restore the gateway to change project files externally. In v8, you can’t edit Vision files in a text editor as they’re binary files. However if you were using Perspective, then you can easily edit those as Victor said as their files are simply JSON.

In v7 all project resources are stored in the config.db. You can however copy the Windows and Templates in Vision to the clipboard as XML and re-import it, but good luck!! The XML is super optimised and very difficult to edit. If you want to see the XML, shift+right click on a Window or Template and you’ll see the options down the bottom of the context menu.
Coincidentally, you can copy and paste the JSON of Perspective Views using the same method.

Its good to have a backup before starting to edit these files tho, because if you break it it might not start up in the designer anymore xd

Short answer: No.

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True at least for v7.
For v8 it’s a yes, but modifying and restoring the whole gateway is redundant since you can just edit the source files.

Not for Vision, as the OP indicates.

Ah yes, I was too quick to comment :flushed: