Edit History for Projects


Does anyone know if the information displayed on the Gateway under Configure --> Projects --> view --> Edit History is available anywhere to dump into a database? It appears to only keep a limited amount of history and I’d like to be able to look back and query the edit history of who changed what and when for each project.

I’ve gone through all the files and sub-directories (at least I think I have) under Program Files\Inductive Automation and couldn’t find anything.


Hi scicco,

The information you seek is in Ignition’s internal database.

You can use the pa.ignition.db.runPrepInternalDBQuery function from the Power Scripting Module to query Ignition’s internal database any time you want.

Here is an example that gets the last 50 rows of project changes of a specific project, ordered by most recent changes.query = """ SELECT p.Name, pg.PROJECTID, pg.EDITCOUNT, pg.EDITTYPE, pg.USERNAME, pg.EDITDATE, pg.EDITDETAILS FROM PROJECTS p JOIN PROJECT_CHANGES pg ON pg.PROJECTID=p.PROJECTS_ID WHERE p.Name='PerfectChat' ORDER BY pg.EDITDATE DESC LIMIT 50 """ result = pa.ignition.db.runPrepInternalDBQuery(query) print resultBest,

Thanks Nick. I’ll try to give your module a test spin before the conference.

Awesome! Let me know if you have comments or questions about it.