Edit PDFs in Perspective

I am trying to figure out how to edit PDFs in Perspective. I am using the Upload Component to upload my PDFs into a table. I am then using the WebDev Module to grab the file path for the PDF, from selecting the filename in my Table Component that displays the PDFs in my DB, and displaying them in the PDF viewer. My next step is to be able to Edit the displayed PDF, then upload that edited PDF back into my DB. Is this possible? If so, how?

I see that PDFs can be edited in the Report Viewer from the demo project under the Compliance Report Tab:


Can someone please send me the Designer for this Demo so I can see how that is done in the Demo for the Reporting Module as well please?

The flow being used in the demo is that an Ignition Report is created that has dynamic data (like mentioned in the overview section). The PDF that is rendered is always an output from the report generation–there is no support for directly editing a PDF (like what you’re describing in uploading an independently created file).

I think you’ll have to generate an Ignition Report that matches the structure of your PDF (with the appropriate hooks for dynamic data) so that you can then output a rendered version of that report (in PDF form).

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Thank you very much. I am trying to create a page in which the end user can easily upload new forms and fill them out and store them in a DB so they do not have to do it manually with pen and paper anymore. Is the report solution that you mentioned the only way of doing that?

Within the immediately available features and libraries within the Ignition platform, I believe so, yes.

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