Edit projects across Gateways?

Hi Everyone,
Still working on reworking our enterprise system with 10 projects at various locations with a hub/spoke architecture. I have cleaned up a lot of stuff and am slowly converting each spoke to version 8.1 and then finally transitioning the hub to 8.1. I have set up gateway networks between each spoke & hub and also setup remote tag provider.

My question is, can you push edits from one project to another or "link" projects through the gateway network? If I make a vision project change at a spoke can I push that edit to the Hub or do I need to do a Export/Import for individual items?


Are you using the EAM ?
Ignition Enterprise Administration Module | Manage Servers From One Location (inductiveautomation.com)

I am not, but perhaps that will answer my question. If it does I will look at purchasing the module.

Without EAM you would need to do this manually.

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I believe it is what you are looking for.