Edit RAM in Docker on NAS Synology


Sorry in advance for my bad english.

I search how to change the RAM maximum allocation in Maker from a docker in a Synology.

I found I have to change the data in the ignition.conf file but I don't find how to edit it...

I try to change it from Docker terminal but I can't be root on it...

I try to link the folder to a folder of the synology but I corrupt the instance of the docker...

Does any one have do this ?

Thank you in advance.


In Container Manager within DSM, you can set command arguments here:

Specifically you're looking to add something like -m 2048 to set a 2GB max heap memory setting. See the Runtime Arguments section of the Docker Image docs for more information.

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Thank you fot this answer.

I have create a new instance with a correct RAM.

For do this, the only solution is to create a new instance. No modification possible on an existing instance ?

I suppose you could simply shell into the container and modify the data/ignition.conf file to set the memory value there. But ideally, you want to associate a persistent data volume with your container so that you can recreate as needed and not lose your gateway state.

I try to edit the ignition.conf file by a container terminal but I not root... And I don't find a solution to be root on the terminal... I can't install a edition file in terminal...
Thank for this solution, if I need to upgrade the RAM later, I will do a full backup and create a new instance. My database for historian isn't in the container so I normally lose nothing....

If you've configured your container to load a gateway backup at startup, you can simply modify the ignition.conf file that is in the backup.