Edit row data from row subview

Is it possible to edit the values of a row in a Perspective table using the subview of that row?

For example:
A table containing two columns. A persons name and their current office. When the subview for a row in this table is expanded a table with a list of offices is revealed. Selecting an office from this subview changes the value of the office in the row this subview belongs to.

Is this possible? If not, does anyone have suggesting for a simpler/easier way of achieving a goal like this?

I have tried creating output parameters on the view used as the subview, but Im not certain how I can use them.

Thanks for any help.

Instead of using a subview with a list of offices, could you use a drop-down list instead?

Here’s some help for adding a drop-down list to a power table:

I am looking into this at the moment. I think the forum link you provided is for a Vision power table. I am developing in Perspective, so I think the process would be different.

Thank you for the suggestion.