Edit UDT

I want to edit the alarm name of an alarm on a UDT, so it applies to all instances of that UDT.

Is this possible?

Doesn’t it do that by default? As near as I can tell, all alarms defined in the UDT propagate down to the instances. If you define an alarm in an instance, it stays within that instance.

Long time, forgot about this until I found myself needing to do something similar again :slight_smile:

If I want to edit the UDT tag itself, I’m not sure how I would do that. I have a UDT at:

Data Types/TestKymera/TestUDT

In that UDT I have a tag called TestChild1. How would I edit the alarm properties of that tag? If I do a tagExists on

“[s1500]types/TestKymera/TestUDT” it returns true, but

“[s1500]types/TestKymera/TestUDT/TestChild1” returns false.

I’m not sure how to access that member tag in the UDT to edit it.