Edit User info via scripting

I’m wondering if there is a way to edit the User Security Pin VIA Scripting. Since ignition 7.9 does not have 2-factor authentication ability I am looking at using the users Security Pin and a sort of 2 factor authentication. A user will logon with their Active Directory information and will be directed to a screen where they will need to enter their custom PIN.

I can’t see anything in the scripting functions to retrieve the Users “Security Pin” to verify they have entered it correctly. If this is possible I’d also like to give the users ability to change their security Pin, again I’m not having luck finding anything in the scripting documentation that would allow this.

The only other thing i believe can be done is to use a SQL database that holds all the pin information and pull from that, but it seemed easier to me to use the built in “Security Pin” feature if possible.

Editing users via scripting is in 8.0.3 and probably won’t be backported to 7.9.x. It doesn’t work on all user sources due to inherent limitations – I can’t remember off hand if it works on AD or not.

Thank you Kathy. We are planning to move to Ignition 8 once I have been able to develop and test a mobile “Perspective” application but we need to implement some sort of two factor logon for security purposes ASAP. We are holding off on perspective until its been documented better with more information in the forums. And possibly after I get some sort of perspective training.

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