Editable Boolean Column in Table Component Trouble

I have a table component that displays 3 columns from a dataset. Originally I directly put this data into the table by binding it to a SQL query. The data displayed fine. I want the user to be able to check or uncheck the box in the last column so that when they click the Save Button, those new boolean values are saved.

Here’s whats odd - I imported the data fine and it displays exactly how I want. I set the last column to editable. However, when I test it, if I check off the check box, after a few seconds it goes back to he value it originated at. I also tried making the data query a little removed, I had the table reference a custom property that had the data set but the same issue occurs. It’s like it is editable, but is also constantly updating the table back to the original values.

How can I get the behavior I need, so that if I check a previously unchecked box it stays that way and vice versa?

Do you have polling turned on for the SQL Query binding?

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Yeesh, yup that was it. Thanks for the help!

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