Editable Table Issue

I have a customer that is using the Editable table from the web page, but he have a problem, when he update a value in the table do not recognize the coma or the dot, I mean if you type 3 the value updated is 30 if you type 3,56 the value is 356 the same with 3.56 I change the data type in the DB I use: Long, double, real, float and every time the same. Then I look the script on the cell change event but I can´t see which could be the problem. Any Idea?
Thanks Luis

What is the type of the column that is coming into the Table’s data property? You can see this in the Dataset Editor popup window by clicking on the icon to the left of the binding icon for that property.

Double… Although the table have float… How can I change that? Because I try to made new columns with the right data type but the table do not write in the DB any more…


I don’t understand what you mean here.

Changing the datatype in the Designer won’t have any effect because it is bound to the Database - if you want to change datatypes you need to do it in the database itself. I’m not convinced that’s the problem though. Perhaps you could export the window and post it here?