Editing a Simulator

Hi, I’m trying to edit a simulator. From the instruction for both pre and post versions 8.08 it says there should be a “more” button to press with edit as being one of those options. I have no “more” button, only “edit” and that only allows me to edit the title of the document. There is also a “delete” button and that doesn’t seem to help me edit the simulator either. Thanks for any suggestions.

![image|690x221](upload://7Hu4IhK22LepMPhCcGu0Z SFEbdu.png)

Something didn’t work right with your image, you should be able to paste it in directly from your clipboard.

I think you must be reading instructions for the “Programmable Device Simulator”, not one of these older ones that have a fixed set of tags.

Got this reply from Ignition support…

In Ignition 8.0.5 the programmable logic simulator is not implemented and instead some pre-made simulators are generated at the bottom of the new Devices menu. Those are the simulators you are seeing and they can’t be edited. Here is a document about them: Simulators - Deprecated Ignition Features - Ignition Documentation.

If you want to have access to the programmable logic simulator device you will need to update your Ignition version to 8.0.8 as noted at the top of this document: