Editing Data in a Table

I have a table where one column is editable, and then a button for submitting the changes. Pretty standard.

Currently, if the client edits a cell and then hits the SUBMIT button without hitting the ENTER key first, the selection box remains around the cell and the new value in the cell is not recognized.

I would like to avoid the need for striking the ENTER or TAB keys. I was thinking of using the focusLost event on the table, but I don’t know how to commit the new values in the cells once the focus is lost. It’s almost as if I’d like to use a SendKeys"{enter}". (sorry for the VBA reference, lol!)

Any good ways to do this?

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The above only happens if the client begins the edit with a SINGLE CLICK on the cell.

If the client begins the edit with a DOUBLE CLICK, it will work just fine.

So can we make the “Single Click edit” behave like the “Double Click edit”??


Did you ever find the answer to this?

I am also running into this issue, were either of you able to find a solution?

I had the same issue and found that the ‘Commit on Focus Loss’ functionality doesn’t seem to work when ‘Defer Updates’ is enabled. Disable defer updates and enable commit on focus loss in the component properties to commit changes without the need to hit the enter or tab keys.